There is beauty and wonder in Dominance and submission--from soaring heights to crushing depths. At its best, we tread upon the edge of the infinite and dare to touch the holy. This, that awareness of what we are, how small we are in the face of an unsympathetic universe, to lose ourselves in another, this is why we do this thing.

It is good, worthy, and important. There are places in human experience that can only be reached by this path. Fear not.

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Erotic Hypnosis: a Firsthand Account

So here, in her own words, is the experience of one girl with hypnosis. (Let’s call her Anna, since everyone is all Fifty Shades crazy in my inbox tonight.) Make sure you read Part 1 of this post first then continue here. Let me first share her thoughts and then I’ll add a few comments after:

Ever since the first time I heard of “erotic hypnosis” I wanted to try it. I never thought I actually would…

When He asked if I was interested in trying this out, I couldn’t believe my luck. I never doubted hypnosis could happen, but I didn’t know much about it and I had no idea how it would feel like or what to expect. I thought being hypnotized would be a big deal and would be super difficult, but it was surprisingly easy. He told me that hypnosis was weird in that, when you’re in a trance, you didn’t feel like you were. He told me that I would feel completely normal, like I was simply closing my eyes, and I thought he was full of shit.

The first time he put me into a trance, well… I don’t really remember (this was only last week btw). I remember laying down on my floor and looking up at my ceiling and hearing Him speak and my body started feeling warm and fuzzy and I remember just thinking, “This is not going to work, I just feel sleepy…” and after that, nothing. I can’t remember anything at all, and I can’t because, when I was in the trance, he told me to forget what he said. I woke up on my floor feeling wide awake, and happy for some reason.

Being in a trance, it feels like you’re in a dream. Your job is to just listen and do what you’re told. Breathe. Relax. Eventually you get to a point where the entire universe is black and all there is, is His voice. Doing what He says becomes the meaning of life.

The first time we actually tried erotic hypnotism was on webcam, which also happened to be the first time we ever talked on webcam hahaha

I remember laying back, going into a trance and… yea that’s about it. This is frustrating, trying to remember what it’s like being in a trance is close to impossible for me. The memories are just out of reach, almost like they happened 10 years ago. Although I do remember him talking (ladies, you could not even imagine how amazing it is listening to this man talk you into an orgasm, hypnotized or not. mmmmmm). Unfortunately, I was snapped out of the trance by something in my house, right on the very edge of an orgasm. It was very frustrating to say the least. I wanted more. Later that night He made me cum multiple times while hypnotized, without touching myself. That was fucking weird. Having an orgasm, caused by a man that I’ve only known for a few months, who I’ve never actually met, WITHOUT TOUCHING MYSELF. Huh???!!?!!!!

The next day at work I was incredibly horny. Like almost going to town on myself at my desk in front of my bosses and coworkers kind of horny. I almost cried from the frustration, and for the life of me I could not understand what was going on. Later that night I found out that when I was still hypnotized, He told me that the next day I would be more horny than I had ever been in my life and that I would want to lose control but would be able to (barely) hold it together. I have no memory of this.

I have absolutely no doubts about the power of hypnosis. In fact, the experience mind fucked me so bad I had to ask him if we could slow down…

What’s important about this though, is that I could not have done this without having a lot of trust in him. The fact of the matter is you can’t open up your mind to someone if there is no trust.

I’m incredibly grateful to Him for doing this for me.The more he hypnotizes me the more I want to be hypnotized. There’s nothing like it.

So, you see here one of the reasons hypnosis works so well with submissives. Many people have trouble surrendering control to the hypnotist, and many people have trouble taking commands. Because of these facts, rather complex schools of “permissive” hypnosis (as opposed to a “directive” style) have grown up. Rather than saying “you feel relaxed” the hypnotist might say something like “I wonder if you can let yourself begin to feel relaxed. Can you?” With a submissive subject, those bridges were crossed long ago and she usually has a very easy time following instructions.

A few more things to consider. Anna is a model hypnotic subject. Going into a trance is a learned skill; anyone can learn to do it, but they might not do it as quickly or as easily. She went into a very deep trance very easily from the very beginning, and actually (though she doesn’t realize it) went into a trance writing what you just read. She is now well enough in touch with the trance experience that simply thinking of trance will take her there. She has had three sessions, two of which were less than an hour, and one of which was less than 15 minutes. She was also told that she would not remember much of what happened while she is in trance, that it would seem like a dream that faded from memory. As for the horny at work experience, that was a posthypnotic suggestion. Here’s a bit of the chat where she found out what happened, so you can see her genuine confusion and her reaction.

me: so yeah i was responsible for what happened at work today

Her: i will never forgive you for that lol

me: you realize you asked me if you could go in the bathroom and cum, right?

Her: yes

me: i figured you mustve been dying to ask bc you’ve never really been close right?

Her: no, i never even thought about asking before.. at least as far as i can remember lol

me: and now that the day is over, tell me… did your excitement come in waves? were there any more intense peaks? or was it steady?

Her: it came in waves, i mean i was super horny all day but there were moments where it got so bad i almost started touching myself at my desk… and around my friends.. that would have been really fucking awkward lol

me: how many times did that happen?

Her: probably about 3 or 4 times


me: and you have no memory of me giving you a post hypnotic suggestion last night?

Her: no

you’re freakin me out lol

me: ok well my dear

this should completely eliminate any and all doubt you have about your ability as a hypnotic subject

i implanted a posthypnotic suggestions—a command—and told you you would not remember it

specifically it was ” you will find tomorrow at work that you get incredibly aroused four times during the day. you will almost not be able to keep from touching yourself right there. you will be able to stop, but just barely. it will be very very hard and will take all your willpower. this will not happen around people and it will not cause you any problems… it wont happen at a time that would embarrass you. you will be so excited that you will also be almost unable to keep quiet. you will almost cry out but will just barely be able to keep quiet.”


Her: what the actual fuck

me: you are a model hypnotic subject

i said this to you only once and then told you to forget it and woke you up

Her: what the fucking fuck

what the FUCK

me: you are a model hypnotic subject. absolutely perfect


me: was that pretty accurately what happened today at work?

Her: spot fucking on

i can’t even.. what the fuck is going on

i don’t know how to respond to this

I guess the bottom line is this: Hypnosis works, and erotic hypnosis with submissives is far more powerful than you might imagine. Be careful and be very wary of potential abuse. If you have trust and the skill there is no end to what can be accomplished, but always consider the risks.

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