There is beauty and wonder in Dominance and submission--from soaring heights to crushing depths. At its best, we tread upon the edge of the infinite and dare to touch the holy. This, that awareness of what we are, how small we are in the face of an unsympathetic universe, to lose ourselves in another, this is why we do this thing.

It is good, worthy, and important. There are places in human experience that can only be reached by this path. Fear not.

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Anonymous asked: how am i ever going to dominate her if she wont drop the restraining order? she doesnt know what she needs.... she needs me!!!

We don’t feed the trolls around here, anon…

Anonymous asked: Hi. So my master has another sub that gets to live with him and touch him and be with him all the time and I don't know how to deal with it because I'm jealous and I told him but like...I don't know if he really understands how I feel...

I think you need to make sure he understands how you feel. Now, it is possible, depending on the nature of your relationship, this may be something where you do not really have a say. If so, then you can’t change it within the relationship, but you CAN and might have to end the relationship if it is hurting you. 

This is a difficult question, and is one example of where a D/s relationship problem might be a little different than a vanilla problem. You do need to begin by understanding your needs, and then by talking to him. From there, you may have some difficult decisions to make. I wish you all the best. Find the peace you are looking for.

Anonymous asked: Not every girl wants to have sex with every guy that crosses their path in every country

I cannot argue with your wisdom, anon.

Anonymous asked: Do you enjoy seeing woman playing with them selves?

Is there anyone who does not enjoy that? :P

Anonymous asked: So I am 24. I have been watching sub porn and videos since I was like 16. I desperately want it. I am too nervous to try it with a guy, or tell a guy what I want.. Maybe I am not the sub that I think I am. What do you think? And how do I know when a guy isn't afraid to abuse me a little bit?

I think you are a little ahead of yourself. Why worry about being the sub you think you are? How could you know? You can’t… not until you explore a bit and find yourself. This is an adventure, and it should be fun (most of the time). Take a deep breath, relax, and figure out how you’re going to explore.

Anonymous asked: I love the idea of you

Some days, at least, that’s the best part of me. ;)

Anonymous asked: Your description gives me goosebumps... Its wonderful.

<3 Thank you.

You may kiss it, princess. Good girl.

You may kiss it, princess. Good girl.

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Anonymous asked: Ah so Sophie task is the new sub

et tu, anon?

No&#8230; not done yet&#8230; you can go further&#8230;

No… not done yet… you can go further…

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&#8230; and the last, for today, from my sexy follower. I think she&#8217;s trying to tell us something&#8230;

… and the last, for today, from my sexy follower. I think she’s trying to tell us something…