There is beauty and wonder in D/s. At its best, we tread upon the edge of the infinite and dare to touch the holy. This, that awareness of what we are, how small we are in the face of an unsympathetic universe… to lose ourselves in another... this is why we do this thing. It is good, worthy, and important. There are places in human experience that can only be reached by this path. Fear not.
I just wanted to say that I really like your new theme. :) I don't know how new it is since I usually just see you pop up on my dash but I'm here now and yeah... it's nice :)


Old theme, but new again. ;) Thanks.

I remember in and earlier post you mentioned you did voice audios in the past, can we still access them?


I think they expired so, no, they aren’t available. Sorry!

You answer questions really fast and detailed-how fast do you type?


So badly tbh… I never really learned to type. I type fast but badly and I love my backspace key. I really should actually learn to type, but that’s on the to-do list.

You want? What? Tell me what you are, slut… tell me what you need me to do.

You want? What? Tell me what you are, slut… tell me what you need me to do.

When was the last time you randomly hit on a girl in public and what happened?


Ehhh… I don’t randomly hit on girls. Period. And I’ll rarely compliment a stranger… it just doesn’t tend to work out incredibly well where I am. But the last time I did was a few weeks ago. It was a nice morning and for some reason I was up early, and I noticed, a full block away, a gorgeous little blonde thing in hospital scrubs. She looked exhausted… clearly coming home after a who-knows-how-long shift… I was pretty sure she didn’t want to be assaulted by a stranger but she was absolutely radiantly beautiful, so, as we got closer I said “excuse me” right there on the sidewalk. She stopped, looking mildly annoyed (which is required whenever a stranger speaks to you), but ready to help, probably assuming I was a confused tourist. I said something like “I just wanted you to know I noticed you about a block away. You’re absolutely beautiful. Have a nice day.” And then I kept walking. I’m pretty good at reading people and she went from “annoyed/ready to help lost tourist” to “irritated I’m being hit on my a stranger” to “kinda confused and I think happy about it” in about 5 seconds.

I think the key is to not make someone uncomfortable and you want to disengage right away. I wasn’t trying to hit on her. I didn’t want her phone number. Guys write me all the time asking how to pick up girls and my answer is basically please don’t. (Plus, the fact you’re asking a stranger online how to pick up girls is frightening. You need to learn some shit before you do anything that could result in you reproducing…) I didn’t want anything from her, but I noticed she was gorgeous and I thought I’d tell her. Maybe I made her day a little brighter, as she had made mine.

Do you have a sub?


Not tonight. Linguine. Keep up, anon. :P

And for dinner tonight?


Hah. Cooking linguine with clam sauce… just finished cooking the clams and pulling the little buggers out of their shells. ;)

You know a lot about bdsm, relationships in general, you can give extremely good advice (unlike some😏), your writing is nearly flawless, you have good taste in music, you own a company, you can cook, you're really nice, have a great sense of humor AND I'm fairly sure there's more. How is it possible to be good at everything (jealous expression:))?


<3 I’m not good at everything, but thank you for your very sweet note. I do have my flaws… trust me on that one. (And I wrote “you’re” instead of “your” in a post a few days ago that has gotten tons of reblogs. Egad. That will bother me for a while lol. (I might be a teeny bit obsessive. There’s flaw #1.))

But thank you for this very sweet note… I think we all just put our best foot forward, and I happen to have a very Domly foot, so it works. ;)

Hi! I've been checking out the whole BDSM scene and it intrigues me greatly. I've been interested in starting my life into it, but I've not a clue which position I would take. I'm very controlled (and controlling) as a person, and must have a hand on everything at all times. I'm a natural leader and being in charge makes me very happy. BUT. Some dominance from someone else is very nice. Someone commanding respect from me is very attractive. How do I know which side of the spectrum I'm on?


Hmmm… well… hmmm…. ok… So, well, my first reaction… hmmmm….

Ok, well I don’t think it works like that. I mean did you decide to be gay or straight or whatever you are? I think for most people the BDSM “urge” is a natural part of who they are. At least that’s my experience and understanding, but, that does not mean you’re wrong… it just means that I don’t understand you based on my personal experience. I guess try being dominated and try dominating someone and see what you think? Maybe? There are people who switch effectively, and there are people who “only play BDSM sometimes” and there are people who define their entire selves through BDSM. Don’t let anyone tell you anything is wrong or “inauthentic” or anything like that (some parts of the “BDSM” community can be quite judgmental, contrary to what you might expect.) (I’m “using” a lot of quotes in this “answer”.) 

Maybe you’re on both ends. Maybe you’d like to be on both ends at the same time. Maybe you’re on one end. Maybe you’re in the middle. Maybe you’re nowhere at all. I dunno, but I think experimentation and finding out what makes your pink parts tingle will guide you to the answers you seek.

Have fun. ;)

what do you think about fifty shades of gray?


I think it would be better like this:


And, more seriously, here’s what I really think about the original version:


How do you have time to cook like that and on a weeknight?


Forty minutes from opening the refrigerator to sitting down to eat, and that was artichoke cooking time…. I could’ve done the fish and fiddleheads in 15 minutes start to finish. (I had the cake already done.)

Knife skills, among other skills. ;)

Hi:) I know this isn't about bdsm, but just wanted to say that I really admire your sense of humor (even to rude messages). How do you do it? And just out of interest, what do you mean by saying that you're a terrible pen pal?


:) Thank you. Me? Rude? No?!?! :P

As for terrible pen pal, it took me about three days to answer this and I had to page over maybe 20 unanswered messages to get here. “Terrible Pen Pal” achievement unlocked.