There is beauty and wonder in Dominance and submission--from soaring heights to crushing depths. At its best, we tread upon the edge of the infinite and dare to touch the holy. This, that awareness of what we are, how small we are in the face of an unsympathetic universe, to lose ourselves in another, this is why we do this thing.

It is good, worthy, and important. There are places in human experience that can only be reached by this path. Fear not.

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Now, princess, you will find out why I restrained you…

Now, princess, you will find out why I restrained you…

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The solution to nearly all princess problems…

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Anonymous asked: Almost three months ago, I was "rescued" by my friends from a house where my roommate had been raping me for a year. He knew I was a submissive, and used it to his advantage, along with blackmail and fear to keep me there while he abused me. I have been a submissive in search of a Dom for a long time, and now I'm afraid that the damage I have sustained mentally has tainted me. In your opinion, do you think it's possible for a broken and scared, yet eager sub to find a Dom willing to go slower?

Yes, absolutely. I think, first of all, you need to realize that you are a survivor of what sounds like some pretty intense abuse. Also realize that you are not your hurt and your pain, and it sounds like you are making good steps in moving forward with your life. Know that this may be harder at times than at others, and you may sometime… today, years from now, or never… you may need some additional help and support. Don’t be afraid to get that help if you need it.

As for your question, this is an important part of your experience. I think you need to think of it in two ways. People who have suffered this kind of trauma may be vulnerable to repeating it. In other words, it may make it more likely for you to be abused in the future. Now, knowing this is important because it lets you do what you need to do to protect yourself. You will absolutely find guys who will use “dominance” as an excuse to further this kind of abuse on you. But…

But you will also find people who will embrace you, who will take this hurt and help you find healing. This can certainly happen within a Ds relationship, and you should expect a Dom to be understanding, compassionate, and, yes, as you said to be willing to go a little slower. If you find a Dom who does not respect this hurt and isn’t willing to adapt, I think you can safely move on and just assume that one wasn’t meant to be. 

Be well. Take care of yourself and you will be just fine.

(This sat in my inbox for many days. I’m sorry it took me so long to answer!)

Anonymous asked: For a Dominant just starting a blog, what would you suggest their first post being? I have started a blog a few months after becoming a Dom, and only a year or so after being introduced, but haven't the slightest on what my first post should be. As a result of this, I've only reblogged a few things, and have stuck to liking posts from blogs I follow, such as yours. Any ideas?

How about a bit about yourself, who you are, your perspective on Dominance, etc.? Don’t overthink it, but just share a bit of yourself. That is probably a good place to start.

Anonymous asked: Thoughts on freezing water in a condom for ice play? ;) xoxox

Cold can be a lot of fun… and by a lot of fun, I mean far more painful than you might think… but do be careful of frostbite or causing damage. I actually have inserted an ice dildo in a girl’s tight little bottom as a punishment. Judging from her reaction, it appears to really hurt. ;)

Anonymous asked: You might not read this but whatever I have been following your blog for a while but only now I have decided to read your writing but I read about this whole "monster" thing inside you and now reading it I feel like I know you a little better even though you do not know me and I have nothing but great respect for you and for what you stand for and your writing is amazing! xx

<3 Thank you!  I have some more writing I want to do for all of you, but the words are being a little stubborn about going on paper… maybe HM needs to schedule a week writing in a cabin somewhere soon (and maybe HM needs to never speak of himself in the third person because that sounds pretty arrogant…) 

Anonymous asked: How tall are you?

Average-ish tall-ish

Anonymous asked: While working my way through this archive, it came to my mind that your blog is quite classy. Keep it up and thanks for sharing all those pictures and thoughts with us!

Thank you and you’re welcome. <3

I expect to be around more this week finally… so look for some new stuff soon. 

Show me, princess. Show Daddy where you need it. Good girl.

Show me, princess. Show Daddy where you need it. Good girl.

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